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Odessa Girls, Women. City Information for Dating
Mar 09, 2013

Odessa is one of the largest cities in Ukraine.  It is a major seaport and the Gulf of Odessa immediately... more

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We are a group of investors that are working on Internet projects since the year 1999. 

Since the year 2004 we start working with different dating sites and in the year 2006 we made agreements with dating agencies of Russia and Ukraine and started to promote their online services. 

Once we started working with them, we notice that more of our visitors and customers want to contact and meet young girls or mature woman from Ukraine and specially most of them contact or want to contact girls of Odessa. 

For that reason we analyzed these circumstances and understood why happens this, and the reason is very simple to understand. Most of the girls of Ukraine are single and they are BEAUTIFUL (yes with Caps Lock). So in 2012 (six years later of our first Russian – Ukraine matchmaking sites) we decide to create a brand new dating site, a dating site where single men can meet beautiful girls of the most important cities of Ukraine, like Kiev or Odessa.

We invite you to join our brand new site and enjoy the services that we built and offer, to help single men like being successfully in meeting single girls of Ukraine. 

No more words, let’s start your dating adventure in our website. Enjoy, meet, date, marriage, these are your successful keywords!


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