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Odessa Girls, Women. City Information for Dating
Mar 09, 2013

Odessa is one of the largest cities in Ukraine.  It is a major seaport and the Gulf of Odessa immediately... more

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Famous Russian Girls
Mar 10, 2013

Russian women are unmatched in beauty. There is just something so graceful and pleasant about them that can make any man tremble with intimidation. Over the years, many Russian girls have made their way into the international spotlight as models, TV stars, ice skaters, tennis players as well as even Playboy Bunnies.  Although it would be nice to list all of these beautiful and very talented Russian girls, the list would be unbearably long. Currently, here are some of the most famous Russian girls.


Anna Semenovich

It was back in March 1, 1980 when Anna Semenovich was born in Soviet Moscow. Over the years, she has built a name for herself in many different industries. She first made her way into the spotlight back in 1994 when she took fifth place during the Goodwill Games. She has taken numerous prizes over the years for her figure skating and ice dancing capabilities. She is also been seen on numerous runways over the years, she has recorded several of her own albums and is even appeared on the big screen.


Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova was born back on October 15, 1976 in Moscow. While she was known as a famous Russian model and actress in her earlier career, it was not until 1999 when she got her biggest break. Natalia Sokolova is just one of many famous Russian girls who have been made famous after their appearance in Playboy. Needless to say, countless men all around the world are taken in by her beauty.


Elena Berkova

Elena Berkova was born in Murmansk, Russia back on April 1 of 1985. Her first step into the limelight was as a Russian model which gained her much fame throughout her home country. Back in 2004, she became a television presenter for the popular television show Dom-2. She is also a singer and as of 2006 she has been a member of the popular girls group known as Min net!.


Lena Katina

It was back on October four, 1984 when Lena Katina was born in Moscow. Today she is a very popular music singer and is also an excellent pianist. When she was only eight, she joined Avenue, which first exposure to the spotlight. By 1999, she was chosen along with Yulia Volkova to create a pop rock duo known as t.A.T.u., which today is considered one of the most popular pop acts in recent history.


Yulia Volkova

Yulia Volkova was born on February 20, 1985 in Moscow. She is a pop rock singer, as well as an excellent pianist and guitarist. Back in 1999, she was chosen by Ivan Shapovalov along with Lena Katina to form the very popular Russian pop rock duo known as t.A.T.u. Yulia Volkova has recorded a number of top singles which have climbed to the top of the Russian music charts.


Anna Chapman

It was back on February 23, 1982 when Anna Chapman was born in Moscow. She is a very popular and famous television host, entrepreneur and has been considered an agent of the Russian Federation. In June of 2010, Anna Chapman along with nine other individuals were arrested in New York City under charges of conspiracy and espionage.


Olga Urashova

Olga Urashova was born on November 18, 1980. She is most popularly known after her appearance on the 2006 episode of Expeditie Robinson which she won. Of course prior to appearing on the popular television show, she also developed a large following on account of her being a Playboy playmate.


Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova was born in Nizhny Novgorod on February 28, 1982. She is a popular Russian model and actress. She currently lives in Paris and is considered to be one of the top earning models in the world as a result of her more than $8.6 million annual income. She is also well known for her many acts of philanthropy.


Anna Kournikova

It was back on June seven, 1981 in Moscow when Anna Kournikova was born. In 1995 she made her way spotlight after she became one of the most world renowned female tennis players. Although she never one any major singles title, her beauty and charm have resulted in her becoming one of the most popular tennis players of all time.


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova was born in Nyagan back on April 19 of 1987. She is a very popular and famous professional tennis player and has made more than 23 million dollars in prize money to date. She has won numerous singles title over the years and on at least five separate occasions; she has been ranked as the world's number one female tennis player.

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