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Odessa Girls, Women. City Information for Dating
Mar 09, 2013

Odessa is one of the largest cities in Ukraine.  It is a major seaport and the Gulf of Odessa immediately... more

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Information to Date Kharkov Girls
Sep 09, 2012

Kharkiv is a very large part of northeast Ukraine and is the 2nd largest in terms of size.  It neighbours Udy, Kharkiv and Lopan rivers and is divided into nine administrative districts: Leninsky, Dzerzhynsky, Kyivsky, Moskovsky, Frunzensky, Ordzhonikidzevsky, Kominternivsky, Chervonozavodsky, Zhovtnevy.  Cities within close proximity are: Poltava, Sumy, Kramatorsk, Luhansk, and Kremenchuk.  This part of Ukraine is very green and offers breath-taking natural scenery for visitors with a liking to trees and parks.  It is also home to wonderful architecture and historical monuments.  There are a lot of wonderful things to see here and is worth checking out.

Legend has it that the city was founded by Kharkov who was most likely a great figure in the region.  The history of this part of Ukraine is a lengthy one and starts at a very early era, as early as 2000 BC.  Bronze Age artifacts have also been found.  It follows with historical periods such as the erection of the Kharkiv Fortress, Russian Empire, Soviet Period, German occupation, Post-war period and the Ukraine Independence.

Kharkiv has a population of almost 2 million people.  Of whom, many have achieved greatness in many fields.  Not surprisingly, it brought about the contributions of local talents such as: Maria Burmaka, Olga Krasko, Irina Zhurina and Juliya Chernetsky.  But that is not all! Other notable figures worth mentioning are Evgeny Lifshitz (physicist), Irina Press (Olympian), Mykola Mikhnovsky (political leader and activist), to name a few.

It is also home to Nobel prize winners such as Lev Landau for Physics, Ilya Mechnikov (Biology), Vladmir Drinfel'd (Mathematics) and Simon Kuznets for Economics.  Apart from its numerous tourist attractions, Kharkiv is also the center of education in Eastern Europe, being home to an impressive 13 universities and higher education institutions.

It might be interesting to note that the local Metalist Stadium hosted 3 group matches at the international UEFA Euro 2012.  The Kharkiv Zoo and the Children's railway are two popular attractions in the region.  For those who prefer something musical, the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre is a great option.  For couples willing to take on that next step in their lives, there is also the Mordison Marriage Agency. It also offers matchmaking services.

Dishes are plentiful and there are many to choose from. From simple pizzas, desserts to local and traditional Ukrainian cuisine.  Recommended restaurants for tourists includes: Fortuna, Adriano, Buhara, Puzata Khata and Paris.  Coffee Life is the Starbucks equivalent in Kharkiv and it offers free wireless internet.

There are many places for visitors to check out; Historical Museum, Dyanamovska Street, Gorky Park, Drobitskiy Menora, Kharkiv Circus, Kharkiv Zoo, Railway station, Lopansky Bridge, Yaroslav the Wise Monument, Saint Tatiana Chapel, etc.

Popular tourist hotels are: Aurora, Kharkov, Slavianka, City Club, Chichikov, and Viktoria Hotels.  Some hotels offer free wireless internet, spas, and many are also close to interesting amenities such as the Metalist Stadium, University, and restaurants.

Kharkiv International Airport is served by Donbassaero, Wizz Air, Australian Airlines, Czech Airlines, and a few more international airline companies.  

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